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green, stuff. story for fucking young! 
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model: louis @ independent man, milano
stylist: chiara lanzani
fashion designer: emanuela luzzi

Entirely Naked

Entirely Naked for

You can download the action I used here:!portfolio/cw2c

Model: Anastasja @ Urban
Stylist: Silvia Pescia
Muah: Sara Pizzo

at superstudio 13, Milano

Handmade Christmas Presents 2013 and GIVEAWAY

To me Christmas means Family and handmade presents. I only buy gift if I know there is a specific thing someone really wants otherwise I do everything by myself. Depending on how busy I'm during Christmas Time I do more or less elaborated things. Because of my school in Milano this year I didn't have lot of time to prepare many handmade stuff, but here it is what I m preparing now. Maybe you will find some useful inspiration :)

1. Handmade Candles
Doing handmade candles is really funny. If you have never tried it, you should, at least once in a lifetime. You can use different kind of wax (Paraffina, Bee wax, soy wax, ...), and play around with colours and parfumes. I made different big candles mixing Blue, Yellow, Red and three parfumes (rose, vanilla and lemon). The one showed in the picture is a Vanilla candle.
2. Homemade Ginger Oil
This is super easy, fast and the final results is just perfect, healthy and tasty. Just take some Ginger, grate it and put it in a bottle of olive oil. I highly suggest you organic olive oil and organig Ginger. After one week your Ginger Oil is ready :) Depending on how many ginger you will add, it can be more or less tasteful. I did mine very strong :)
3. Homemade Chai Tea
3 Cardamomo Seeds
3 Cloves
Ginger (1cm fresh. or in powder)
1 cinnamon stick
2 black pepper
(eventually Black Tea or Roiboosh)
I made my Chai without black tea or Roiboosh.  First of all I have carefully selected the ingredients, they are all organic and fair traide. I ve just mixed all the ingredients in a blender, and voilà, best Chai ever :)
Once you want to drink it, you can also add Milk to your tea cup. By being vegan I use Almond homemade milk in my infusion. It is Amazing!
4. Handmade Knitted Socks
Best way to learn how to knit socks is to ask someone to teach you. Last year I asked my mother to help me and now I can't stop knitting socks. Expecially during the winter cold months, because during warmer months I m much more into crochet ;) I made two sock pairs for this Christmas.
Best Patterns are on
5. Handmade Natural Soaps
To do a basic soap you only need three ingredients: Water, Oil (olive oil is the best) and caustic soda. Be very very careful with the caustic soda!!!! It is corrosive! On the web is plenty of recipes and instruction on how to do homemade soaps. It is really important you read a lot before trying to do this at home, as using caustic soda is not a joke. I m a huge fan of handmade products, and soaps give me a big satisfaction :) The best part is to add some special items to your soaps, such as coffee, lavanda, curcuma, chili, curry, lemon, camomilla and much more, to personalize your presents.
I have decided to give away one of the item of your choice listed above. Feel free to comment here telling me which item would you love to recieve. Or you can also let me know via e-mail ( with the subject: giveaway.
You have time till the 1st of January :)
I really hope you enjoy these suggestions, and i wish you all the best for this Christmas.


I did this shooting 10 months ago, but i ve never upload it. This was taken for a friend of mine :)

Andrea for Shery Be

Andrea @ Time for Shery Be
Make up and Hair: Sonja Gattenbein
Neverending Tee, Shery Be Tee, Shirts and Skirt: Shery Be

First Beauty Shoot

The master class in fashion photography i'm attending in Milan is just like a dream coming true. I'm in love with evereything here and every single day I wake up full of happiness and joy. It was long time I didn't feel like this and I'm so happy. 

I'm learning lot of new things and photographic techniques, which otherwise I would have never had the chance to learn by myself. 

Here it is the first ever beauty shoot I did, is not perfect and I have lot to practice, but it is a first step in refining my photographic skills. 

More to come to show you :) We are shooting quite a lot!

Model: Karolina @ Urban model management, Milano
Make up and Hair: Sara Pizzo
@ Studio 13

Alice @ 107

 Time ago a model agency from New York asked me to test one of their models: Alice. 
I was so happy to collaborate with them and Alice is really lovely. 

Model: alice @ 107 Models, NY
Make up: Pina Natali
Hair stylist: Marco Natali
Stylist: Sharon Boffa
Products: J. Beverly Hills

Cherry Moments. Shooting for Shery Be

Shooting for Shery be, an ethical new brand based in Zürich but available world wide online :)

Models: Lena @ Time and Lynne
Make up: Pina Natali
Hair stylist: Marco Natali
Products: J. Beverly Hills

Black Tee, Shery Be Tee (white and salmon), Green skirt, Shirts (blue jeans and black): 
All by Shery Be.

All this shooting was post processed with my free action NEON. 
You can download it for free here:!portfolio/cw2c

Enjoy :)